Blog Post author, Michelle Kavanaugh, is Director of Human Resources at Ossip Optometry. She is also VP of Membership at IndySHRM.


It’s that time of year again…time to renew your membership for IndySHRM.  We hope that you will join us for another outstanding year of great programs and professional development.

Once again, the 2011 renewal cost is only $90. Even though our various costs (meals,etc.) may increase, the Board continues to manage our expenses to achieve our goals and keep the overall budget.  This has permitted us to keep this year’s dues unchanged.

Top ten reasons to renew your IndySHRM membership:

·        Opportunity to network at the many meetings and programs offered each month.
·        Opportunity to develop relationships and contacts in other companies to share information and HR concerns.
·        Meeting topics that are pertinent and are of concern to HR professionals.
·        The chance for re-certification credits at most programs.
·        PHR/SPHR certification classes.
·        Full access to all areas of our website.
·        The opportunity to post jobs at the low cost of $30 per posting
·        On-line resource/job market for members looking for a new job
·        A chance to be a part of one of the best local SHRM chapters in the nation.
·        Opportunity to develop leadership skills by taking on volunteer leadership roles.

Renewal is very easy.  We have three options for you.

1.        Click on the link,, enter a few quick pieces of information and you are set for another year.

2.        Complete the attached form and mail it in with your payment.

3.        Stop by the registration desk at our December meeting for assistance.

Please, don’t let your membership lapse!  If you do, you will have to start paying the guest charges for meetings.  Even worse, you will have to pay the more expensive new member rate to rejoin.

We look forward to another great year together!!