MKFinalColorBlog Post author, Michelle Kavanaugh, is Director of Human Resources at Ossip Optometry.  She is also VP of Membership at IndySHRM.


I had the opportunity to hear Jim Stovall speak recently.  If you get the chance to do so in the future, I highly recommend you go.  He’s a very entertaining and moving speaker!

His statement about changing your life when you change your mind struck me deeply.  I started to think about my personal, work, and volunteer lives and how my mindset impacts each and every one of them.  I then started thinking about my membership in IndySHRM and how that has changed over the years because of one small change of mind.

I started with the IndySHRM several years ago and left for a while because I thought that since I was with a large organization full of HR people, it wasn’t really necessary.  I also felt a little lost at monthly meetings.   Things changed quickly for me when I started a new job at a privately owned company where I was the only HR person.  I suddenly realized how valuable our local chapter could be for my HR network and me.  I also came to the conclusion that unless I took it upon myself to become involved in something I would continue to have a sense of not belonging.

When I rejoined I volunteered for the membership committee and have since built some very valuable relationships with other members.  If I hadn’t had the change of mind, my life would have definitely taken me in a different direction.  I hope that others will take that step and become involved more to make the experience of membership in IndySHRM all that it can be for them.