About the Blog Post Author: Brian is the current President of IndySHRM.  He is a graduate of Bradley University with a degree in Human Resources. He is the Global HR Operations Director at Eli Lilly and Company. Brian has served the board previously as Director of Special Interest Groups, served as Director of Sponsorships, and was founder and President of the Employment Management Association Recruiting & Retention Forum (now SMA Indiana). Brian also has served as an active volunteer for the Indiana SHRM state conference committee.


As 2011 quickly approaches, IndySHRM works through the annual process of selecting and electing new board chairpersons to replace those whose terms expire at the end of this year. I am struck by the number of new names I reviewed on the list of nominees for these positions. This tells me that there continues to be a growing interest in fulfilling social responsibility needs in the community. There is also a need for professionals to differentiate themselves among their peers as many more qualified candidates are considered for every promotional opportunity.

No matter what drives this motivation to get involved, I am glad to see it happening. I have been advocating to groups of HR professionals everywhere that social responsibility, particularly leadership within organizations, is not just a need but an expectation. If you are currently adding impact to organizations through your service and leadership, you are gaining the satisfaction that comes from giving back and helping out while strengthening our communities and professions. You are also separating yourself from other candidates when all else is equal.

As I have reviewed resumes for the better part of 20 years, stronger leadership candidates are immediately identifiable based on their commitment to social responsibility. You will see a trend if you look closely: success and growth in the community setting drives success and growth in the workplace, and vice versa. Leaders in social organizations many times also lead at work. At the very least, the experiences and learning from one environment feeds the other and strengthens performance in both.

Therefore, as 2011 arrives, I challenge each of us to think about the impact we are going to make…will we make it in the community or on our couches?

Best in HR,