About our Blog Author:  Tami Murphy works for Pinnacle Partners in a Business Development role.  Tami has over 16 years in the professional staffing & recruiting industry.  She has experience providing professional staff to multiple industries such as the federal government, accounting/finance  and healthcare entities.  She has been an active member of IndySHRM since 2002.  Tami most recently served as President-Elect and has held several other board and committee level service positions.  She also sits on the board of Indiana SHRM State Council.  Tami holds a B.S. in Speech Pathology and Audiology from Ball State University.


In my line of business it is essential to have a strong network.  I consider myself extremely fortunate to surround myself with such great professionals. I get the opportunity to learn more about them on a personal and professional level when we meet for coffee to pick each other’s brain or chat before an IndySHRM meeting. My network is truly invaluable both on a professional and personal level. There have been many times I would not have known what to do without them. Unfortunately, not everyone takes the opportunity to establish and build their network. Networking is about leveraging knowledge. People (especially HR professionals) love to help others. I have heard so many great stories of how the “Power of the Network” was able to provide best practices and guidance to help maneuver through a difficult situation. I am proud to say that my network is not only full of professional acquaintances and colleagues but very dear friends. You never know when you will be called on but we stand ready and waiting to provide support.

I also wanted to share an entertaining article I read that passionately describes the Power of a Network. Give it a read and I hope it energizes and encourages you to break outside of your four walls and begin to NETWORK!


I know it is hard for some to stretch outside of their comfort zone but I am certain if you just give it a shot you too will be able to surround yourself with an invaluable group of individuals as well. IndySHRM offers many opportunities for you to begin to build your HR professionals network in relaxed and non threatening environments. Our new programming schedule lets you pick and choose the topics, time of day and environments where you can meet and greet local HR professionals.

Happy Networking!
Tami Murphy, President