About our blog post author:    Jessica Stephenson, PHR is Director of Client Services at ExactHire, an Indianapolis-based recruiting software and employee assessment firm. Her diverse professional experience includes work in the human resources, sales, marketing & client services fields. Having been a member of both SHRM and IndySHRM since 2006, she was active on the IndySHRM College & Community Relations Committee before heading the new Workforce Readiness Committee in 2011. Jessica holds a B.S. degree in Marketing and a minor in Spanish from Butler University.


The Workforce Readiness Committee is sourcing volunteers who are interested in serving on a speaker panel at Training, Inc. (located downtown) on Wednesday, July 6th from 8:00-9:30am (please note this new date is one day earlier than was advertised originally in last month’s newsletter).

The topic of the Q&A discussion will be “Baby Steps to Social Networking,” and the committee is especially interested in HR professionals who can speak from the recruiter/employer side of the hiring equation. Panelists will offer attendees an excellent chance to gain tips on how to use networking to secure their next position, and how to put their best foot forward when creating online profiles. The Workforce Readiness committee is currently compiling a reference/tip document to use as a handout during the event. However, panel members are encouraged to bring their own viewpoint and ideas about effective networking tips to the discussion.

General points covered during the Q&A will likely focus on: understanding your digital brand; networking etiquette; building a network; and awareness of different social media sites. As of this writing, we only have one volunteer so far, so please help out if you are able and interested!

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Jessica Stephenson at 317-506-4595 or jbryant78@yahoo.com. Also, please indicate why you feel you may be qualified to serve on the panel. Thanks in advance!

Special Note: As upcoming workforce readiness volunteer opportunities become available, they will be announced with a posting to the IndySHRM Volunteer Opp.’s Google Group. If you would like to receive an email invitation to join this Google Group, please contact Jessica Stephenson at jbryant78@yahoo.com.