Crown Services, Inc. awarded UWCI it’s first annual “Crowning Achievement” Diversity Award in cooperation with IndySHRM at the monthly program, October 21, 2010.

United Way of Central Indiana representative Nancy Ahlrichs accepted the award on behalf of the organization.

“As she should,” said Erin Brothers, Diversity Director for IndySHRM. “Nancy was brought in to UWCI to help positively change their culture. Reading her application for this award along with their comprehensive diversity plan is evidence of her commitment  to this goal.”

Nancy was excited to bring home the honor to United Way. “This award reinforces the work we’ve been doing internally” she said. “We are such a service focused organization, we realized we needed to better serve our employees.”

Crown Services’ Jack Pomprowitz awarded Nancy and UWCI the plaque and a few accolades.  He said that Crown was blown away by the caliber program and overall efforts United Way is taking in the field of diversity.

“Nancy really does a bang up job at United Way,” Jack said. “I am very impressed with their program.”

Crown Services’ SAVEY Diversity program was a driver in creating this workplace diversity award.  Only by fully embracing diversity and maximizing the well-being and contributions of its “SAVEY” employees, can an organization fully maximize its strength and competitiveness.

S – Seniors

A – Adults with Disabilities

V – Veterans

E- Experienced Workers

Y – Young Adults

A big thanks to Crown Services, in partnership with IndySHRM, United Way of Central Indiana, and everyone who participated in making this award possible.