Blog Post author, Michelle Kavanaugh, is Director of Human Resources at Ossip Optometry.  She is also VP of Membership at IndySHRM.

“A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug.”
~ Patricia Neal, Academy Award winner and survivor of three brain aneurysms

Wow, that statement made by Patricia Neal says so much.  What first struck me was that she survived 3 aneurysms.  Can you believe that?  I do believe that’s true.  I can think of many amazing people I’ve met who have overcome horrible odds because of their attitudes.  A young man who came to work with me during his junior year in high school because he was considered at risk and is now working in a high paying IT job, a four year old going through her third open heart surgery like a trouper, a melanoma patient living longer and stronger than her original prognosis, an eighty three year old who has been through numerous rounds of chemo and made great progress until just recently…you get the point.  I’m sure that you may know one or more of these types of people yourself.

So, how does this relate to work?  Well, many of us find ourselves “burning out” or facing change with an uncertain outcome (as always this is applicable to every part of our lives, not just work) and the only factor in how it turns out is how we handle what we are given.  I look to people I have known who are faced with a major change in their work duties.  Maybe these were due to a computer upgrade, promotion, lateral move, position elimination, etc.,…what has made some of these changes work?


Mental energy focused on a positive outcome will result in a positive outcome.  It may not always be an easy road to that end, but in hindsight, we find that. as Miley Cyrus (yes, I have young daughters – ha ha) sang, “It’s all about the climb.”  If we are moving toward our goals for the right reasons, with a positive end in sight, the way we handle the bumps and stumbles on the way make reaching our destination that more rewarding.

Thanksgiving is upon us, and whether you celebrate the holiday or not, I hope you take time to reflect upon your own situations and attitude and find something to be thankful for and consider how your attitude helped in that area.

What have you done lately to keep a strong positive mental attitude?