Would you like to get your message out to over 1,000 Human Resource Professionals in the Central Indiana area?

Are you ready to take your engagement of HR professionals to the next level in 2018? Partner with IndySHRM, the largest chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) in Indiana, and gain access to over 1,000 of central Indiana’s best and brightest in the field of Human Resources. Like our members—our sponsor partners come from a mix of industries and specialties, and we offer several sponsorship options so you may find the one that’s the right fit for you. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to generate new prospects, strengthen relationships with existing customers, and create brand awareness in the Indianapolis metropolitan community.

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Generate new leads & open doors

Build brand awareness for your organization

Position yourself against your competitors

Enjoy powerful advertising & media exposure via our website & social media pages

Gain access to our relevant, targeted audience via sponsored email

Become a thought leader for our membership

If your company’s products or services support our mission, then we have several options to sponsor or advertise with our organization. See below!

CONTACT: *To sponsor or schedule time to discuss your sponsorship options, please contact our Director of Sponsorship, Jon Rosser at or 317.979.2216.




  • Only ONE platinum partner per year
  • Board of Directors commitment**
  • 4 annual program attendance slots*
  • Program keynote opportunity
  • Speaking opportunities (meeting intro)
  • Mailing lists for chapter members
  • Hosted webinars approved for SHRM credit
  • Logo on IndySHRM website
  • Marketing opportunities: logo, signage, and eCommunications


  • 3 annual program attendance slots*
  • Speaking opportunities (meeting intro)
  • Logo on IndySHRM website
  • Marketing opportunities: logo and signage


  • 2 annual attendance slots*
  • Logo on IndySHRM website
  • Marketing opportunities: logo and signage

* Program attendance slots allow sponsors to choose which employees to send to programs during a month (e.g. if Joe
uses one slot this week, then Sue may use the same slot next week). Individual membership not required.
** Board of Directors commitment: Special access to IndySHRM Board members to make introductions; invitation to join
Board members for meet and greet.