SLake 2009 bio photoAbout the Blog Post author: Shawna Lake is the Vice President of Human Resources at that Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. She is certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and currently serves as the Director of Volunteer Management for IndySHRM. Shawna holds degrees in Human Resource Management and Organizational Communication from Ball State University.


I have the privilege of working at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra which can lead to some fun play-on-words.  For example, we have been running an ISO Duet Partner Program for a few years now.  This program pairs a new staff member up with a more seasoned staffer. This helps the new employee become acclimated more quickly and establishes a resource for questions and concerns.  The program has been very successful, yet we realized there are limitations to this program when those questions are job-specific.  Nearly every ISO employee has a unique role and could have trouble finding answers to job-specific questions from his/her co-workers.  This led us to develop and recently launch the Community Duet Partner Program to provide networking and resource sharing with individuals in other organizations.

I encourage you think about your business or other organizations you are involved with to see if there are employees who could benefit from being a Duet Partner with an ISO staff member. They can talk about common issues, technologies, procedures changes, legislative updates, etc. that they might have in common.  The Partners should equally benefit from this relationship.  The participating organizations should see a return on the time investment in the form of new/improved thoughts, ideas, and resources that lead to improved processes, efficiency, and professional development.  If you’d like more information about the program including a Community Duet Partner application, feel free to email me at