About our Blog Author:  Tami Murphy works for Pinnacle Partners in a Business Development role.  Tami has over 16 years in the professional staffing & recruiting industry.  She has experience providing professional staff to multiple industries such as the federal government, accounting/finance  and healthcare entities.  She has been an active member of IndySHRM since 2002.  Tami most recently served as President-Elect and has held several other board and committee level service positions.  She also sits on the board of Indiana SHRM State Council.  Tami holds a B.S. in Speech Pathology and Audiology from Ball State University.


After years of paying your dues and working your way up the corporate ladder, the time has come to find a new stomping ground, a new place where you can spread your wings… a new gig. Whether this is a voluntary effort or slightly forced, let’s face it, it is always a scary endeavor. You have invested time and money into your career development. In some sense, it’s the most important investment you’ve ever made — that investment in yourself to become a valued and experienced Human Resource professional. This can make a change in your path even harder.

It’s simply profound that all of your experience, background and connections still lead you to this: the job search that you can’t figure out. Now is the time when you’re supposed to have it all together–calm and cool and in the bag and you don’t. With this job search stuff, how do you take that first step? With your career and your sanity in the balance, how are you supposed to find your next job?

Let your HR friends at IndySHRM help! IndySHRM can provide tremendous assistance with networking, comprehensive programming, career opportunities posted to our website and who can forget the study courses to achieve your certification! PHR, SPHR here we come! IndySHRM has much to offer to serve the professional. It’s difficult to admit to yourself how hard this is so let your membership assist in serving you.

For fun (but in all seriousness) follow the link to some interviewing assistance, related topics, do’s and don’ts and a few comical stories along the way.


Stay positive!
Tami Murphy, President