Do you remember what it was like the first time you attended our monthly luncheon and saw a room full of people but didn’t know anyone? It can be a little intimidating to say the least! Now YOU can make a difference for a new member joining IndySHRM or coming to their first event. If you enjoy meeting new people, and are enthusiastic about our wonderful organization, then becoming an IndySHRM Ambassador could be the perfect volunteer opportunity for you!

This new Ambassador program is designed for busy HR professionals or associate members. As an Ambassador, you will introduce IndySHRM to a new member via the phone, meeting before the luncheon, or going for a quick cup of coffee during the week. Your primary role is to share your IndySHRM experience, answer questions, and help the new member feel welcomed into our organization. This volunteer opportunity does not require a set time for commitment, instead, you have the flexibility to be an Ambassador as often as your schedule allows.

Goal of the Ambassador Program

The goal of the Ambassador program is to help assimilate new members into the organization and ensure that each new member receives the most value possible from their IndySHRM membership. The ultimate goal of the Ambassador program is to ensure that members continue their membership in IndySHRM and help build the organization by bringing in new members.

Ambassador Role/Job Description

An Ambassador goes beyond just greeting and assisting members at IndySHRM meetings. The Ambassador will also make contact with a new member outside of the normal meeting venue. Contact frequency will be mutually determined. The Ambassador should be willing and able to spend some time with a new member in the first 1-3 months to answer questions, suggest resources within IndySHRM, and make the new member feel that they are a welcome addition to our organization.

Selection Criteria

An Ambassador is ideally someone who has been a member of IndySHRM for at least six months, and has attended a minimum of two meetings. An Ambassador should be someone who strives to help others feel comfortable, enjoys sharing and gaining knowledge, and understands and embraces the value of belonging to IndySHRM.

Required Time Commitment

The time commitment and number of new members coached is at the individual Ambassador’s discretion (ideally no more than three per Ambassador at any given time). This enables the Ambassador to commit based on personal and business demands. For example, a member whose workload typically is slower during the second quarter may request to be an Ambassador during that time period, but opt to step out of the program at the beginning of the third quarter.

Time commitment will vary as each new member may desire a different level of interaction. Each Ambassador is encouraged to make contact with the new member(s) at least twice. Initially, the Ambassador should invest time either on the phone or in person with a new member, discussing the benefit of involvement in IndySHRM. The duration of the relationship between Ambassador and new member is at their discretion.