Submitted by: Michael Padgett, IndySHRM Director of Legislative Affairs

New Legislative Session – Guns come under fire

As the Indiana House and Senate enter a new legislative session, your Legislative Committee has reviewed the list of pending bills and we wanted to bring your attention to the following Senate bill regarding firearms. 

SB 25 – Firearms in Locked Vehicles

“Firearms in locked vehicles. Prohibits a person (which includes an individual, a corporation, and a governmental entity) from adopting or enforcing a policy or rule that prohibits or has the effect of prohibiting an employee of the person (including a contract employee) from legally possessing a firearm that is locked in the employee’s vehicle while the vehicle is in or on the person’s property.”

Please let your Senator and Representative know that employers are obligated to provide a safe workplace and should have the right to prevent employees from bringing firearms onto their property.  Tell them to vote no on SB 25.

For a complete description of this and other bills pending in the Indiana General Assembly, please visit  A complete listing of the bills is located under the “Bills & Resolutions” tab.

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Submitted by: Michael Padgett, IndySHRM Director of Legislative Affairs

The 2nd Regular Session of the 116th General Assembly will reconvene on January 5th. This is a short session and will end in early spring. The Legislative Committee will provide an update on bills of interest to the Indy SHRM membership as they are available. To obtain more information on the General Assembly go to  There are several areas within the site that may be of interest. To find out who your legislators are you can access a list through the left bar [LEGISLATORS] Ü [WHO’S YOUR LEGISLATOR] or there is also a tab on the right bar when you’re on the Home page. To find out what bills have been introduced into the Senate and House and obtain more detailed information use the left bar on the home page [SESSION INFORMATION] Ü [BILLS AND RESOLUTIONS] Ü [COMPLETE INFORMATION FOR ALL BILLS]. A daily calendar will also be available under this tab when the General Assembly is in session.