Email is a wonderful thing…when it reaches your inbox. However, sometimes emails we send on behalf of IndySHRM can get caught in spam, or may be blocked by your organization’s email filters before ever even reaching your spam/junk folder, much less your inbox. The vendor we use for emails and event registrations, Cvent, will be making some email domain changes in the near future to enhance deliverability, so we’d like to get information to you now about how you can ensure that you keep receiving our newsletters and meeting announcements.

If you already receive our emails regularly (i.e. monthly newsletter, meeting RSVP reminders, etc.), there’s probably nothing you need to do from your end. However, if our emails consistently land in your spam folder or perhaps you are not receiving them at all, the following information should help remedy the problem. If the email address we have on record for you is your work email account, then you will probably need to involve your IT department in the below action step…as they control the email filters and domain approval list for your company’s email server.

ACTION: In order to ensure optimal delivery performance, please approve the following list of IPs and/or domains on your company’s mail server white list.

If you white-list based on IP addresses, please include the following IPs:

IP Range: –  —  Effective April 3, 2014

IP Range:–  —  Already in use

If you white-list based on domain names, please include the following domains:

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter – it will allow you to regularly receive information about upcoming IndySHRM news and events!