BrianCoxAbout the Blog Post Author: Brian is the current President of IndySHRM.  He is a graduate of Bradley University with a degree in Human Resources. He is the Global HR Operations Director at Eli Lilly and Company. Brian has served the board previously as Director of Special Interest Groups, served as Director of Sponsorships, and was founder and President of the Employment Management Association Recruiting & Retention Forum (now SMA Indiana). Brian also has served as an active volunteer for the Indiana SHRM state conference committee.


We laugh as our language of acronyms and nouns-being-used-as-verbs expands. When did you last “Google” someone or respond “I’m just Facebooking” when asked what you were up to? Between the TYVM, BFFA (which is the latest expansion of the tried and true “BFF”), Googling, Chillaxing and Facebooking, it’s time HR gets in the game.

So, I ask again, “Do you SHRM?” All these terms have something in common…they all represent being part of something. A community, a movement, a common language of people moving in a shared direction – and that’s exactly what SHRM is all about. Whether new or experienced HR Professionals, Students, Managers or Owners who have HR responsibilities, we are all headed in the same direction. We seek certification to challenge our learning and understanding of the HR body of knowledge. We desire continuing education to retain the hard earned certifications. Networks of HR Colleagues to work with and benchmark our ideas are sought out and an overall sense of community is needed so that we can all stick together, on those difficult days, when we ask, “Why did I choose HR?”.

For all these reasons, SHRM exists. A volunteer organization originally established by HR professionals who realized these needs, and sustained by the subsequent generations who share the vision and benefit from the products, services and experiences our national office and local chapters offer.

As I sit in the beautiful metropolis of Milwaukee, waiting for a connecting flight to San Diego to attend SHRM National, I reflect on the reasons I have allocated time out of my summer to attend: Whether a National meeting, a local Chapter event, an on-line learning experience or a personal benchmarking conversation…I SHRM to learn, I SHRM to grow professionally, I SHRM to connect with others who share my passion for HR.

So let’s keep “SHRMing” to ensure our craft continues to be well represented, respected and the foundation for continuing HR excellence.

Best in HR,