About our blog post author:    Jessica Stephenson, PHR is Director of Client Services at ExactHire, an Indianapolis-based recruiting software and employee assessment firm. Her diverse professional experience includes work in the human resources, sales, marketing & client services fields. Having been a member of both SHRM and IndySHRM since 2006, she was active on the IndySHRM College & Community Relations Committee before heading the new Workforce Readiness Committee in 2011. Jessica holds a B.S. degree in Marketing and a minor in Spanish from Butler University.


The IndySHRM Workforce Readiness Committee partnered with Training, Inc. to host an event entitled “Baby Steps to Social Networking” on July 6, 2011. The format was a Q&A speaker panel with panelists from a variety of different organizations and backgrounds answering Training, Inc.’s trainees’ questions.

The trainee population of Training, Inc. currently is represented by about 30% transitioning veterans, and 70% under- or unemployed individuals. Many clients are referred to Training, Inc. for services from other organizations. Many of the attendees are working on improving their computer literacy and some are relatively new to the idea of social networking.

Our panelists answered a variety of questions covering topics from how to use Twitter to follow companies to what’s most important to include on a LinkedIn profile to capture a recruiter’s attention. Special thanks go to the following panelists:

Also, an extra special thanks to Cindy Gosser, a Workforce Readiness Committee member, who works at Training, Inc. and helped to put the event together!

We hope that the success of this event will lead to future events to explore the more advanced aspects of creating a social network and the art of online “personal brand” management. If you are interested in contributing to future events, please contact Jessica Stephenson.