About the Blog Post Author: Brian is the current President of IndySHRM.  He is a graduate of Bradley University with a degree in Human Resources. He is the Global HR Operations Director at Eli Lilly and Company. Brian has served the board previously as Director of Special Interest Groups, served as Director of Sponsorships, and was founder and President of the Employment Management Association Recruiting & Retention Forum (now SMA Indiana). Brian also has served as an active volunteer for the Indiana SHRM state conference committee.


I alluded to our strategic plan for 2011-2012 in my last President’s pen. To highlight one area of focus for the coming years, your board is taking a bold step forward in the programming area, responding to your feedback for more targeted content that is more frequently available throughout the year. So let’s get ready for some great changes in the IndySHRM programming model for the coming years. Starting in 2011, you will see an expansion of our topics and programs. We are moving from a single monthly luncheon accompanied by one or two specific forum meetings periodically throughout the year, to a set schedule of specific content in a variety of venues and times, targeted at the topics in the HR body of knowledge which SHRM supports for all of its global members.

These HR areas include:

Staffing Management
Compensation and Benefits
HR Strategy
HR Legislation and Employment Law
“Everything HR” – focused on Generalist content

Additionally there will be Quarterly General Sessions with broad national topics and HR Networking Sessions.

Through innovative planning, we are rolling all of our Forums into our broad programming schedule, upgrading our quarterly general sessions, and partnering with the Compensation and Benefit Professionals of Indiana to provide our comp and benefit content, just to name a few new changes.

You will be able to review an entire calendar of topics with the event dates and times throughout each quarter so you can choose the ones that apply most to you.

Please stay tuned and in touch with the www.indyshrm.org website for all the details. We are very excited about the new programming model and look forward to your continued feedback as we continue to provide the value and benefits you have come to appreciate from IndySHRM.

Enjoy the holiday season and year end activities.

Best in HR,