Stephanie H

About our blog post author: Stephanie Hamelmann is the Corporate Recruiter for FORUM Credit Union. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Purdue University. Prior to recruiting for FORUM, Stephanie worked for a local staffing company fulfilling the recruiting needs for various companies in the Indianapolis Area. She previously served on the Membership Committee for IndySHRM and is currently serving as a member for the SMA Committee.


Last month the SMA hosted one of its larger networking events.   Jenny DeVaughn’s infectious enthusiasm for burgeoning social networking practices provided a sense of empowerment, encouraging me to walk away from the event and “tweet.” Unfortunately, I never got that far.

It is funny how motivation quickly gets lost when I return to the office and get wrapped up in the tasks at hand.   And even though I write it down on my checklist, somehow that motivation dwindles down to another line in my notebook.   Eventually, the line disappears and without checking it off, of course.

I know social media culture and social media networking platforms have had a major impact on business communication, practices and processes.  Some even go as far as to say it increases profitability, sustains reputation and empowers employees. So why don’t I do it…because it is change.

Recently at the SHRM conference, the VP of HR at Deutsche Bank stated, “If HR stays the same, we will be out of business in 5 years.”  I believe it is the same concept with the practices of social networking.

Here is the bottom line: If we are not participating in social media and networking sites, the world is leaving us behind.  So, for those that are “social networking challenged” like myself, let’s remember what Jenny said during her presentation…“start small.”  I still haven’t “tweeted” but, I have been able to set and accomplish a goal of adding a few new contacts a week to my LinkedIn account.  It’s a start and little at a time.  However, I will not be left behind.